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We employed Victoria Parkinson (Tor) for fourteen days, from Tuesday 16th of September until Friday 3rd of October 2014. We employed her fulltime, from 8am through 6pm, as holiday cover for our usual fulltime nanny. Her job included school drop-off and pick-up for two children (boy, aged 6 and girl aged 4) at different schools as well as full day care for our toddler (girl, aged 2). It also included managing different after school activities, a gym class for our four year old, swimming classes for the older two and daytime swim classes for our toddler. In the house, Tor was responsible for cooking dinner for all three children, preparing snacks for the school-aged children and lunch for our toddler.  It was a logistically challenging job, requiring a lot of initiative and a good memory! Tor was excellent at managing the times and juggling the requirements of two different schools in different areas with similar pick-up and drop-off times. She cooked healthy meals for the children that they enjoyed and maintained a variety of foods throughout the two and a half weeks she was with us.  Our house was always clean and tidy in the evenings when she left, she dealt well with the clothes washing, general tidying and need to keep the kitchen clean.  All three children really enjoyed having Tor with us, and bonded very well with her. She was imaginative and creative in the activities that she introduced to them, including homemade playdoh and other games.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Tor, and we expect to use her again if we have a need for urgent childcare again.


Victoria worked for us on a number of occasions as a temporary nanny. She is an independent, quick thinking self starter, who applies common sense to day to day events. Her approach to looking after children is outstanding. She is able to build trust and respect very quickly, and motivates children to fulfil their daily tasks effectively, with care and love.
She is ever so helpful when it comes to household chores, and takes initiatives and offers help. We were very happy with her looking after our two lively children, aged 6 and 5. In a very short period of time, she managed to leave a very positive impression on our family and would recommend her to anyone. “


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